October 18, 2011
MPW Outtakes: 1

Here are two photos from a denied story idea from the Missouri Photo Workshop. I’ll leave her last name and info. out for her good, but I liked the photos nevertheless. “Cathy” was very generous for letting me into her home for several days just to talk and take a couple photos. The sentence for my story on her would have read: Cathy has many difficulties in her life that she didn’t sign up for, however her service dog, Nikki, helps her pull through everyday.


web_MPW EnvironmentalPortrat_GSH0417

I met Cathy through her window, along with Nikki (and the pictured puppy, Skittles). As I got out of my car to start hunting for a story early Monday morning, and I had no idea where to go.  So after roaming a few blocks, it occurred to me to just follow the noise. So I followed the noise of dogs barking, and came across a dog in the window of a house on the hill.  I stepped closer and started to take a photoof the barking dog, and then I heard a faint little “hello” from the window. I walked closer, and there Cathy was, with Nikki. We talked for awhile through the screen, and she eventually let me in….though she later told me she wouldn’t have if Nikki had even so much as growled. 

Man, do MPW if you get the chance. Do it.


March 27, 2011
A couple photos from the past few days!








September 6, 2010
2nd dog post today….

But no worries! This is Buddy, a young labrador. I was hired to take some photos of Buddy while he was still a rambunctious puppy, and it was a blast. Not necessarily an AP assignment or a football game, but still making some photos. Enjoy.

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