January 27, 2011
Leaving Home

Today, I stumbled across this photo from when I was about to pull out of the driveway to head back to Columbia from Illinois this past winter break. 

This is my wonderful, caring, beautiful, and tolerant mom, Candace Christman. Thanks for everything, Mom! I wouldn’t be where I am today without you :)

I’ve been thinking about my friends and family back home the past couple days, (especially). I’m glad to be back, but it is always sad leaving home and seeing these eyes.

Love ya Mom,


January 7, 2011
The Island of Misfit Toys

The Island of Misfit Toys, a band with a couple friends, and friends of friends played at a semi-local venue out in Lake Villa called Swing State. Pretty rad place actually, I highly suggest checking it out.

The Island of Misfit Toys played a freaking fantastic show, and really killed it. They have close to eight musicians (I think) with leading man, Anthony Sanders.

They recently got signed to a local record label and will be releasing an album this summer, keep your eyes peeled: this stuff is good, you’ll be hearing it.

(I apologize to most of the band members-the little light available was mostly on Anthony with that crazy backdrop.) Looks like I’ll have to shoot another concert…oh well. 

Enjoy the photos



January 6, 2011
Natural Light Portraits

…are a ton of fun. It is awesome because they are not the type of thing you can schedule, it just happens. Lately I have been pretty lucky with some really interesting light.

More photos of my good friend, and fellow photographer, Sam Long



January 4, 2011
Rock n Roll n Stuff

Today I spent some time with my good friend Brad Hoffman. Brad’s kinda a basement guitar tech and we spend a lot of our time talking about or playing guitars. He recently bought an epic 59’ Fender Bassman Re-issue and we were just jammin’ on it today at full blast.



December 20, 2010
Finally met my lil’ nephew Trevor!

Trevor is my new nephew, and I have been waiting for the past three weeks to get to meet him! I have never really held an infant/new born before (3 weeks old), and it was awesome. He weighs in at about nine pounds, and was being really good during my whole visit. For an hour or so he decided to stay awake and make some faces, and these are my favorites from today. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

The Yawn

Cute little baby hands



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